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Franchise Sports

Franchise Sports local media organization covering Tallahassee sports. Our goal is to provide a platform for aspiring journalists to break into the field, and at the same time provide news for the Tallahassee community.

We bridge the gap between college and the professional world. It isn’t enough to attend class and do the homework. Experience is the only way to fine tune a journalists skills, and experience is what Franchise Sports can offer.

We are primarily an educational platform, but at the same time we work to provide the Tallahassee community with up to date professional news. We cover college, high school and city sports including Florida State, FAMU and TCC athletics.

We train our staff at the high school level where they can feel comfortable developing the fundamentals of journalism. We teach our interns how to cover events, conduct interviews, keep statistics, shoot photography/video and formulate the story.

Franchise Sports focuses on the multimedia approach to journalism enabling a journalist’s creativity.

Mission statement:

Franchise Sports intends to become the leading sports news provider in the North Florida and South Georgia region. We are a multimedia sports-entertainment show that airs local, regional and state games to showcase talented, new players.

Franchise Sports airs mainstream and alternative sports: if it’s played in Tallahassee, then we highlight it. We also broadcast little league and college sports. Franchise Sports tries to serve as many players, fans, coaches and viewers as possible.

Based in the state capital, Franchise Sports boasts a crew and cast of talented young journalists who are dedicating to keeping fans and players informed about the sports in their city. Today, Franchise Sports is the only sports provider that covers the North Florida and South Georgia area, focusing and providing sports news, information and entertainment in all formats, but specializing in promoting young, up-and-coming athletes.

What does it do? –

Franchise Sports provides professional, comprehensive, worldwide access to the latest, most accurate, and entertaining sports news, available on the Internet.

Franchise Sports presents Breaking News, Top Stories, Previews, Game Match-ups and Game Scores, and Commentary for North Florida and North Georgia sports world.

Franchise Sports is Exclusive for Tallahassee and surrounding areas.


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