FAMU Homecoming Week ’11 Gets The “Franchise” Tag!

In case you didn’t realize (which would be awful difficult) Florida A&M’s Homecoming Week is upon us-and Franchise Sports is all over it! We’ve already posted this week’s presser with HC Taylor and featured WR Kevin Elliot. There is much more upcoming, as we will be following the team as they prepare for their showdown with Howard on Saturday. Expect exclusive footage of us shadowing the football squad, as well as surprise previews to ensure sports fans are as informed as possible leading up to the game.

And since FAMU does Homecoming Week like none other, Franchise Sports will provide you with an all-access pass to the campus and the excitement that precedes the game. Be on the look out for special versions of the “Analyze This” and “Do You Know” segments on-location at or around campus, as well as some more tidbits. Hey, Orange and Green Spirit is abound, why not splurge?

Make sure to visit www.franchisesportsonline.net for more up-to-date FAMU Homecoming Coverage and tune into our weekly show every Friday for our detailed Homecoming Special Show. Go Rattlers!

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