Fitness 4 Fun Hosted By Franchise Sports


Franchise Sports Community Event



  • Location: Tom Brown Park
  • Date: September 17, 2011
  • Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

FITNESS 4 FUN Will be a day where residents in the city of Tallahassee can come to the park and have an active day. This event will be a day where kids, young adults and adults can have fun in the park playing games and enjoying entertainment. 

With the stress of work, school and life; Tallahassee citizens and people in the surrounding area need a day where they can come to the park and be entertained.

We hope to provide entertainment, through physical activity, live entertainment and vital information. We also hope by creating an event that will bring out the community, we can provide them with important information that can help their everyday life.

Games/Physical activities

  1. 5k Bike ride, walk and run through the park and 2k for children
  2. Dodge ball tournament with teams
  3. Huge Red light, Green light tournament
  4. Huge Kickball tournament
  5. Huge Relay tournament
  6. Volleyball tournament
  7. Games also performed by sports organizations, businesses and groups


  1. Dance tournament – Tallahassee can you dance?
  2. Dance teams performances
  3. Step teams performances
  4. Fitness groups performances
  5. Physical performances
  6. Performance by cheerleading teams


  1. Health Officials
  2. City Officials
  3. Nutrition Official
  4. Fitness Official
  5. School Principles
  6. State Officials
  7. Encouraging Stories


  1. Health Vendors from Tallahassee/Leon
  2. Health Vendors from College campus
  3. Fitness vendors from Tallahassee/Leon
  4. Fitness Vendors from Schools
  5. Nutrition Vendors from Tallahassee/Leon
  6. Nutrition Vendors from Schools
  7. Health Businesses in Tallahassee/Leon
  8. Nutrition Businesses in Tallahassee
  9. Fitness Businesses in Tallahassee

10. Healthy Food Businesses





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