Florida A&M Coach Marvin Green named Coach of the Year

By Florida A&M Sports Information 

TALLAHASSEE,FL – Marvin E. Green, Jr. loves the game of golf. Since 1991, when he took a golf course as part of the curriculum at FAMU’s School of Business and Industry, he has been hooked on it. He took up golf as a hobby and has been involved with it ever since. His dedication has earned him acceptance into the African American Golfers Hall of Fame. He will be inducted in ceremonies spanning from May 24-28, in West Palm Beach, Fla.

In 1998, after the departure of longtime FAMU Coach Costa “Pop” Kittles, Green began instructing the beginning and intermediate golf classes at FAMU’s Department of Health and Physical Education and Recreation. During that time, two golfers on the team took his class. They liked his coaching style so much, that they encouraged him to apply to be the head coach of the intercollegiate golf team. In 2001, he applied for the position and then athletic director Ken Riley hired Green to mentor the golf team.

“The game is challenging to you every day. Every time you go out there are different challenges. You learn about yourself and the people playing it with you. It’s a sport you can play for a lifetime,” Green said.

Green has had a successful career during his time as head coach of FAMU’s golf program. The Rattlers are one of the perennial top HBCU golf teams in the country on a continual basis. He has coached three individual national champion medalists. While he strives for the elusive national championship, his program was featured on a segment of HBO’s Real Sports with Brian Gumbel.

Green is also credited with a positive mentorship of his athletes. The team has dominated the FAMU Athletic Department’s highest GPA honor over the last decade. Several of his golf team members have gone on to graduate with honors and become productive citizens.

He has been the president of the National Black Golfer’s Association for six years. It’s quite a feat, with the understanding that the position is normally occupied for just two years.

Elected to the AAGHOF among a field of numerous nominations from around the world, Green accepts the honor gracefully. He has been named the “2012 College Golf Coach of the Year” by the organization. The selection was based on his love for the game of golf, integrity and dedication to the growing of the game.

Green is humbled by being inducted into the elite group, but maintains that awards aren’t his motivation. “I’m motivated by giving young men an opportunity to get a quality education at one of the best universities in the country, if not the world. They always have experiences that last them a lifetime. It also allows them to go back and give back to their communities,” Green concluded.

Green not only enjoys watching his players be successful on the course, but is extremely proud at the graduation of his athletes. “When I see them walk across the stage, I know they’ve tackled the necessary hurdles that are going to propel them to their individual greatness. It feels good to be a small part of that,” he concluded.


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