Franchise Sports will host Fitness 4 Fun

On Saturday, September 17, 2011 at Tom Brown park, Franchise Sports will host Fitness 4 Fun, a sports and health day for the city of Tallahassee.

As a local sports broadcasting program and as college students, the staff at Franchise Sports has had the opportunity to gain insight on the fitness and health aspects of athletes, particularly our local youth.

What we have found is that although very talented, the majority of our youth have no real foundation in fitness and lacks the proper knowledge to lead healthy lives. Furthermore, these very vital aspects aren’t being displayed in their homes. With childhood obesity and health related illnesses on the rise nationwide, we understand that in order to make an extreme impact, one must began first with making a smaller lasting impression.

Fitness for Fun is an idea that was birthed with just that concept in mind. This community event will serve to be both educational and engaging for our youth and adults alike as we create a fun and exciting atmosphere to empower our residents to gain the insight, resources and tools they need to begin a lifestyle of fitness– for fun!

Fitness for fun is free to the community and everyone. This event will also take place the same day that the FSU football team plays Oklahoma. We hope to make this event the active before the big game.

Stay tuned for more information about activities.

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