High School Basketball: Godby High Takes Down Two (Blitz Analysis)

By Ariel Bedford




Godby High School is one of the better prep teams in the area, and last week they proved it by thrashing Perry’s own TC Bulldogs at home. Oh, by the way, the next day they beat defending state champs Rickards in their gym by thirteen…

In Godby’s 80-42 victory over Taylor County, those who braved the storm to watch the game saw a deep Cougar team that is well coached by, believe it or not, former Rickards head coach Andy Colville. The best way to describe the Godby team is to imagine a high school version of the Oklahoma City Thunder minus Kevin Durant, and PG Tre Ford (who fits the bill as Russell Westbrook in more ways than just the jersey number) is not the scorer his NBA counterpart is. They’re long, athletic, and FAST.

The showdown on the Southside put the Cougars in more of a true test than their previous match, but the team in Royal Blue and White was up for the challenge. The atmosphere was indeed intense for the rivalry game, as by tip-off there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Below is a recount of the aesthetics via both team’s cheer-leading squads:

Rickards High Cheerleaders

Godby High Cheerleaders


Stifling its smaller foe with traps on the baseline against penetrating guards, along with a smothering full-court press that created turnovers and spotty offensive sets for its opponent, Godby was able to eventually pull away from a scrappy Raider bunch that played hard but didn’t have enough true shooters or wing players to compete. Godby is on a roll, and looks to go deep into the playoffs this year…

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