TCC Women Basketball: Preparing for Southern Challenge Jamboree(Blitz Analysis)

By Marcus Joseph

The Lady Eagles  of Tallahassee Community College were up at the break of dawn Tuesday morning, preparing for the Southern Challenge Jamboree (Scimmage) on Sat. Oct. 29. Even though the rest of the Big Bend area was still sleeping, Head Coach Teresa Atkinson and the 2011-2012 Lady Eagles were up running drills, reviewing plays and conditioning for their upcoming 2011-2012 season.


With an almost completely new squad this season, due to the departure of their veteran players, the newly formed Lady Eagles will look to use their acquired height advantage and discipline to win out the Panhandle Conference this season.The team finished last season with an overall record of 13-12, a Panhandle Conference record of 2-10 and a PCT of 0.520. After speaking with Assistant Coach T.J Royals, it is very clear that the team plans on improving on their overall record, and advancing further this season in conference play. The team will face-off at home this Sat. in the Southern Challenge Jamboree in hopes of getting one last chance of preparation before entering the season that begins on Nov. 4 at Darton College.

Check out what Assistant Coach T.J Royals had to say this morning before practice…

Video: Marcus Joseph
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