Zach Evenden Prepares To Lead Rattler Tennis

By FAMU Sports Information Intern Rashida Robinson

Zack Evenden made his way to Florida A&M University after crossing many seas from Europe.  The British, international tennis player has been a key player for FAMU men’s tennis team for the past two seasons, earning All-MEAC in 2012.

When Evenden was asked his reasons for pursuing a college career in the United States, he said, “I always wanted to live in the America.  It is much different than England and there is no better time to have new experiences than in college.”

During Evenden’s junior college career he attended Crowley Community College, where in his final season in the fall of 2011, he recorded 20 wins.

In 2012, Evenden was recruited by FAMU head tennis coach, Carl Goodman, Ph.D. Goodman recruited Evenden after a  few of his players had suggested he would be an ideal player for the team.

“I had two players refer me to Zack, saying he would be the perfect fit for the team, and he definitely is,” Goodman said. He continued saying, Evenden has become a team leader.

Evenden said he has a wonderful bond with his team.  He enjoys playing for FAMU and is more than grateful that he made his decision to come here. “My experience here at FAMU has been amazing so far.  I can definitely say I made the best choice for my college career,” Evenden said.

The international star is by far no rookie when it comes to traveling the world.  His trip to America is one of many destinations.  A few countries he has visited are Spain, Israel, France, Italy and Cyprus.  Evenden said he encountered a major culture shock while on his visit to Israel. “Israel is by far the most conservative places I have ever been, there were separate beaches for men and women,” he said.”

Now in his senior year, Evenden plans to acquire his bachelor’s degree in psychology in the fall of 2014.  His career goal is to become a head tennis coach here in Florida or New York City.

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